Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wearing the Cape of TRUST !

Although many details will be left in the hands of my heavenly Father, but there are some that can be shared!
Why is it that we have to walk on paths that we either shouldn't be on because of choice or paths that God allows us to be on while he molds us and shapes us.
If we could only be just be on that path of the straight and narrow, hard yet rewarding in the end.
Why is it that so many especially those we love seem to make the wrong choices and our hands are tied as to what to do in helping other than just Pray !
I have learned many things over this past week with the amazing Cape of TRUST.
Many things I just want to run and hide from but know I can't.
My only choice is to Pray and TRUST.
In one of my studies I have been not only reading,
but learning the many things that God has brought to my attention
that need molding and reshaping but the words
"Shut up and Pray!"
I don't care for the word Shut up,
but in the way I use it quietly to myself in this case seems different.
It seems to really get my attention.
I kinda feel like I am some crazy lady looking in the mirror telling myself to shut up and pray.
I will really be worried if I begin to answer myself.
So for now I will just keep trusting and listening the best I can.
I guess all of this to say, there are so many of us either men or women who are learning to TRUST and obey.
As our week begins, my prayer is not only for myself but for many others to