Friday, August 7, 2009

Closer Walk with God

So many times in life, it seems we just skate by. I grew up in the Church. My mom raised my siblings and I the best she knew how. I have always stayed in church...missing here or there. But lately I have been walking a new path, one that I am not sure of where it is going. This leads me to hold onto God even tighter than I have ever ! My prayer life has changed so much that I hunger for my time alone, even finding myself praying every second. At times my worlds seems as if it is falling apart...then I grab a hold and close my eyes and start praying. I haven't been posting things lately because of the trials I am in at the moment. I hope to start back soon but for the mean time, I encourage whoever reads this to jump in, grab a hold and start that precious Closer Walk with GOD. Its amazing and rewarding !