Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Prince Charming

Once in awhile someone wonderful comes in your life when you least expect it. Kinda like a falling star. My life has been blessed by my 4 amazing kids, but other parts of life was not what I had ever dreamed of. A lot of pain and hurt mixed with few happy moments in between. Life changed 3 years ago but continued to pray to God asking for direction. January of this year I was release by God to move forward. I continued my walk with HIM, praying seeking and devoting everything to him. Someone new comes along, swoops you off your feet and cares for you. It amazes me still at how he has blessed my life with an amazing man, a merciful, humble man of God ! Someone who shares my same belief and values. Someone who LOVES with his whole heart and unconditionally. Its amazing to me the little things you put aside for many years and forget about to then have them handed back to you... like hugs, kisses, tenderness, communication on levels never reached. I watch him with his own girls, how tender and sweet he is, then watch him with my 2 younger children and there is that same tenderness. He fills a void, knowing and respecting that they have a daddy. My children watch him with me and they will know what a Man of God looks like. For that I am so grateful! Thank you to so many for prayers and love and so much support.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

LOVE Never Fails

Have you heard the new song by Brandon Heath? Love never fails...oh you must!! it over and over and over again. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and Thank Jesus for the Love in your life..weither it be your spouse or special person, your kids, your family, your friends..or the HOPE that your life is blessed with daily ! So many days can go by with running, and always going that we dont stop to really enjoy the laughter of our lives..enjoy the simple things. I have traveled a road that I wouldnt have picked for myself, but I am SOOO thankful I am here on it! I used to want a beautiful silver diamond ring, I was given one..then it was gone like a blink of an eye...taken from heart broken. I prayed..God is what I realized..a silver band with no beginning and no end is more then enough. A dozen roses is nothing compared to a single flower in a vase alone..there is something about that simplicity! A walk holding hands with the one you love is to be cherished and held so tight! A dinner with your family is priceless compared to a expensive dinner out ! A night out at the movies, sitting in silence cant be compared to a fun movie night at home with laughter and memories. So start..start today show Love in everything you do !

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wow how time flies !

My life seemed to stop there for a bit. But as I stand up, dust off I am now ready for the next chapter to start!
So many things to say, yet so little time. My goal ~ to continue to walk forward, eyes up and know there are MANY great plans ahead. Many unseen and even unknown but my trust is in HIM !
I hope this New Year brings much JOY, HAPPINESS, CALMNESS, and SWEET SWEET Memories for everyone !