Friday, August 7, 2009

Closer Walk with God

So many times in life, it seems we just skate by. I grew up in the Church. My mom raised my siblings and I the best she knew how. I have always stayed in church...missing here or there. But lately I have been walking a new path, one that I am not sure of where it is going. This leads me to hold onto God even tighter than I have ever ! My prayer life has changed so much that I hunger for my time alone, even finding myself praying every second. At times my worlds seems as if it is falling apart...then I grab a hold and close my eyes and start praying. I haven't been posting things lately because of the trials I am in at the moment. I hope to start back soon but for the mean time, I encourage whoever reads this to jump in, grab a hold and start that precious Closer Walk with GOD. Its amazing and rewarding !

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wearing the Cape of TRUST !

Although many details will be left in the hands of my heavenly Father, but there are some that can be shared!
Why is it that we have to walk on paths that we either shouldn't be on because of choice or paths that God allows us to be on while he molds us and shapes us.
If we could only be just be on that path of the straight and narrow, hard yet rewarding in the end.
Why is it that so many especially those we love seem to make the wrong choices and our hands are tied as to what to do in helping other than just Pray !
I have learned many things over this past week with the amazing Cape of TRUST.
Many things I just want to run and hide from but know I can't.
My only choice is to Pray and TRUST.
In one of my studies I have been not only reading,
but learning the many things that God has brought to my attention
that need molding and reshaping but the words
"Shut up and Pray!"
I don't care for the word Shut up,
but in the way I use it quietly to myself in this case seems different.
It seems to really get my attention.
I kinda feel like I am some crazy lady looking in the mirror telling myself to shut up and pray.
I will really be worried if I begin to answer myself.
So for now I will just keep trusting and listening the best I can.
I guess all of this to say, there are so many of us either men or women who are learning to TRUST and obey.
As our week begins, my prayer is not only for myself but for many others to

Friday, July 10, 2009

Friends for Life !

Sitting poolside watching my youngest play with her friend, I was truly taken back. Her little friends mom is one of my best friends. I have known my friend since she was 4.

Its amazing to watch our two girls giggle and play. Act out plays and sing songs to the top of their lungs. All things that their mommies used to do believe it or not. Watching them is like seeing myself and my friend together so many years ago. Where does time go?

Not having a care in the world. Telling secrets and not worrying about it turning into gossip. Singing and not caring what it sounded like or caring who we were annoying. Doing anything for a laugh, even if it didnt make sense or wasnt even funny.

Oh cherish the moments of laughter, giggles and the crazy singing !

Even when they look like this! *wink*

From the Garden to my friends counter top

Recently we celebrated the LOVED 4th of July. Every year we gather at a friends house to swim and BBQ to later enjoy the snap, crackle and pops of the great fireworks. I grabbed what flowers were available in the garden and took them as a "thank you" to my friend. This year we had some fabulous red roses that smelled like no others. They were amazing! We added some white daisy's as well as some "blue" flowers from a shrub under the window. Something small, yet so pretty! Oh and that cake...simply YUMMY, triple chocolate chunk with Fluffy white frosting. So, so bad !

What a find !

So, I ventured out today to head over to a friends garage sale. Her daughter made the cheer squad for the local High School. I thought I would support if I could. We walked away with a little car for the daycare room. BUT, the fun was only to begin on the way home. See we live on one of the oldest streets in Medford. There is this house down the road that is set back and has the cutest yard. I have always wanted to go take a peek. Well today was my day! YARD SALE ! Yipee. We unloaded again and walked in. Lots of old things, cherished items at one point. Then I found this cute little basket. It was $6.00 but I had to have was screaming "take me home" !
Not so sure what or where this little guy will go, but isnt it just cute ! The gentleman that sold it to me said, "oh that was mine, it is very old" He wasnt sure just how old, but by the looks of him being the sweet old grandpa he was...I am sure he wasnt telling a story just to sell it ! Where oh where will my little basket go?

Lil Ms. Zebra... Out...Ms. Sassy Roxy ... IN !

So earlier I posted a picture of the cutest Zebra bedding that my little one and I adored. I was going to "re" create it..but then realized I own NO SEWING machine. Bummer ! So, we went out a lookin .. We found the Cutest Roxy bed in a bag for an AMAZING price.

It has the "surfer" look that we LOVE being that we are from California and Long to go back "home" one day.
The walls were already a "cafe" color, which at first I thought needed a new color..but once the bedding was on...I actually liked it. So, we decided to paint the headboard and shelve. So, off I went to look for the perfect color. With NO luck, cause I am too darn picky.. I made it over to the spray I found the perfect color. Krylon, satin finish~brushed metallic~Champagne Nouveau. LOVE IT ! It just does something to the room. Not too much pink and softens the browns. We pulled all the books out of the "reading closet" and made a reading corner. Its so darn cute and now I can manage the books and keep them nice and tidey instead of just shutting the closet door with hopes of picking them up later. The tin buckets used to hold ivey and getber daisy's but didnt match the "ocean"type theme so we lowered them and are using them for additional books. We have a little bookworm in our house ! The old window is used with chalkboard clothespins to hold all those cute little pictures of that sweet little girl when she was little.
The table was sprayed with the same paint used for the headboard and shelf. Although in this picture the chairs were not done yet, I have to say its all done now. The gigantic poster hanging is one that was done when on a model shoot a few years ago. It hung in the store for a few years. We later inherited it and its been rolled sitting in the corner. It was just too cute to unroll every once in a while, so we hung her up ! So, with many more photos to take of other little details this will have to do for now. Stay tuned for updates.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Professional Photos

Recently we finished our year of Dance with Fusion Dance Center located here in Medford, Oregon. In between the photo shoot at the studio for the group shots my kids were captured by not only a friend but an awesome photographer here in our area. Focused UP Photography by Mike Williams. He captures the greatest shots of individuals in motions as well as still. I am so amazed at the detail of their little faces, and poses. These are definitely photos I will cherish for many many years !

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hangin Out on the Line

Ever wanted or needed to Host a Baby Shower for a friend that you can't or don't want to say NO or I can't to? Well, here are some simple, easy and inexpensive ways to decorate and pull it off to being a hit !
I used the baby gift as the decorations. Cute little onesies hanging on the line ! So tiny...

The name cut out of chip board covered with scrap booking paper, then embellished with fibers and little flowers. We knew who this shower was for !

Can't find the right color plastic table cloths? Go to your local retail store (wal mart is the less expensive) find the Flat Twin sheet... pretty much any color you want. Yep that's right, a flat sheet makes a perfect table cloth and guess how much.... $4.00. Only .05 cents more than a plastic one and you can WASH it and reuse it ! Same with the curtains in the back ground that stay on my back porch to add more shade. Eight bucks for 2 panel's (aka flat twin sheets) cant beat that !

If you have any flowers in your yard they will make the perfect table topper ! Just cut, and add to an old glass bottle or small vase in the cupboard... There you have it...a touch of color !
Also added for color was a baby fleece soft blankie. It added texture plue looked so cozy. White cake plate with brown satin ribbon to hold the yummies chocolate suprise cake with cream cheese frosting. Brown, Pink, and Cream basket holds the napkins and plates. Little green cup found in cupboard makes the perfect holder for reuseable brown plastic forks. The forks were perchased for a previous dinner, washed in the dishwasher then stored for another gathering. It pays to purchase reuseable utensils. Little cream birdie salt and pepper shaker found at Pier 1 for only $3.00 for the set (Thanks Auntie)

A comfy spot for the Guest of Honor ! Touches of Hot Pink Geraniums added to a light pink pale found in my daughters room add sweetness !

Pale Pink sweet and dainty !

The guest who got the swing...Never got up, they were cozy, comfortable and relaxed ! What a perfect day for a Back Porch Baby Shower~

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dancin Feet

We are now officially done with another year of dance ! Kenzi has made it through her fourth year. Amazing ! She has grown so much in all area's of dance, yet still wants more ! This year we tackled Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Hip Hop. I am so very proud of her !

This was Zak's first year of Dance. He has such character. He was liked by all in both Hip Hop and Break dancing.He did such a great job ! He says, he for sure is coming back next year !

I found the "blue" color I wanted to paint my kitchen.... then chickened out. I settled for a similar color but in a spray paint, Bahama sea. I thought I would start out by playing it safe with just adding touches of the color that I LOVE then maybe venture out and put it on the walls.
So, this was before I began. Look at that mess. Cluttered counters are a BIG NO NO and doesnt make for a happy Momma !
As I looked around for what I could "re" paint to add color too, I ventured outside to the side yard. I found an old piece of fence board. Yep, I sprayed it...

(Excuse the color of the photo, our camera is on its last leg. I am dreading the day it goes out. I can only hope it will be replaced before hand !)

The finished project. Something random, unique, a one of a kind... I like it. I am not a country girl or frilly... Simple is what I think.
Once I was secure with my spray paint.. I was on a roll. A shelf was made, I re painted the paper towel holder, added little touches of Bahama sea around. I decided to pull out all of my "old" things. But added it to some of my "newer" things. I like the mixture. Give its a character and our house is FULL of that !I got a little carried away with my clock...painted that too. In the process, I broke it so, its always on 5 O'clock..cause its always 5 O'clock somewhere right ! I pulled my old milk bottle out, LOVE it ! Added a little "blue" polka dot tie. Mrs. Buttersworth was excited to see the light ! So many surprises hiding in the cupboards

Another piece of old fence board painted Bahama Sea. Love it ! Its held up with to metal scrolly brackets I have had tucked away in the basement. The old flower sifter and cute ! My sugar jar is a new find. The price to good to pass... $1.60. Cant beat that !

The mason jar that was tucked away has the perfect "blue" tent. The basket isnt quite done. That was spray painted black...looking for the right thing to place in it.

Such a old cheese grater, but looks so proud hanging up tied with 3 ties. It hangs on an ivory coat hook I found in the basement as well !
There she is, hanging around the kitchen reminding us to "SIMPLIFY" Look at the end of the old potato masher...its "blue" Absolutely the greatest find in my cupboard. The little touches of red geranium flowers add cheer in an old measuring cup.

This little pitcher I found in my grandma's house. I am so glad I kept it.
My plate rack is back on the counter. It holds my Grandma's red "your special today" plate. It was the last plate she used with us all as a family before she passed. Its reminds me daily to take each day and make it special !
The once black paper towel holder is now Bahama Sea Blue. It stands out so much on the black counters. I even got a compliment from my 18 year old son. He really liked it.
Oh the color is so bad ! But in person it looks so warm and welcoming. The hen and rooster that belonged to my Great Grandmother have always sat on my kitchen counter no matter what decor was there ! I ran out of "blue" ribbon to run around the plate, but that will soon be done. The message changes frequently in our house, it just depends on whats going on.

This was a shower curtain that I ruined but saved. Now, I am glad I did. I love the look for the kitchen. Although its not quite done. It will soon be in two pieces so I can open it during the morning light. As for now, I am please with the little touches added. There is still something missing though...I think its the Bahama Sea Walls. =)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Lil Ms. Zebra

So my little one wants Zebra...hmmm wonder where she gets that from ? So we are going to be on a mission to re-create this bedding.

Kitchen re-do

Ok so I have an that keeps me up at night ,not a physical itch but ...a DECORATING itch! I want to redo my kitchen. We live in an older home with a lot of character. The decor I have now is coffee things...although I LOVE my coffee, its just not working for me. I think I am going to pull all of my old antique things out that I use to use many years ago. I have held onto them and that is probably a good thing. I honestly never thought I would use them again nor want to. I guess people change, styles change...its a good thing ! So, here I go. I will be posting before and after pictures.

Monday, May 18, 2009

As I was driving home after dropping off one of my kids at school..I looked over and noticed some purple flowers. I thought, well.. those are different only to realize they were weeds. I began to think some of us are like weeks. We have pretty sides to us yet we can be so different. Beauty isnt from the outside,but comes from within. Weeds take over they may come across as this pretty flower, yet their intentions are to take over our lawns, flower beds..etc. Humans can come across this way too. They may look so nice on the outside, yet their inside is on the prowl. I see this all around from a child in grade school to a grown adult. It makes me sad that we all can't just be beautiful on the inside. I try to remind my children to be kind, yet its so hard to be kind to one who may be so rude or ugly. Some people may act like they like you..yet when you walk away their body language makes a different statment. I try to watch how I act or behave as a grown adult..its so hard. You dont realize it until your older how important it is! I know I am not perfect and I am sure I have come across in an ugly way multiple times. As I have gotten older I do realize that I want to reflect more beauty on the inside that shines outward..instead of worrying about my outward side first. Dont get me wrong, I am not going to just sit back and let myself look a mess just because I am working on the inside.. lol But my main goal is to love my family, teach my kids, talk kindly, get the point.. ? I guess it would be better to say "I love you" or "Jesus loves you" instead of saying something rude to fuel someone's fire.