Friday, July 10, 2009

Lil Ms. Zebra... Out...Ms. Sassy Roxy ... IN !

So earlier I posted a picture of the cutest Zebra bedding that my little one and I adored. I was going to "re" create it..but then realized I own NO SEWING machine. Bummer ! So, we went out a lookin .. We found the Cutest Roxy bed in a bag for an AMAZING price.

It has the "surfer" look that we LOVE being that we are from California and Long to go back "home" one day.
The walls were already a "cafe" color, which at first I thought needed a new color..but once the bedding was on...I actually liked it. So, we decided to paint the headboard and shelve. So, off I went to look for the perfect color. With NO luck, cause I am too darn picky.. I made it over to the spray I found the perfect color. Krylon, satin finish~brushed metallic~Champagne Nouveau. LOVE IT ! It just does something to the room. Not too much pink and softens the browns. We pulled all the books out of the "reading closet" and made a reading corner. Its so darn cute and now I can manage the books and keep them nice and tidey instead of just shutting the closet door with hopes of picking them up later. The tin buckets used to hold ivey and getber daisy's but didnt match the "ocean"type theme so we lowered them and are using them for additional books. We have a little bookworm in our house ! The old window is used with chalkboard clothespins to hold all those cute little pictures of that sweet little girl when she was little.
The table was sprayed with the same paint used for the headboard and shelf. Although in this picture the chairs were not done yet, I have to say its all done now. The gigantic poster hanging is one that was done when on a model shoot a few years ago. It hung in the store for a few years. We later inherited it and its been rolled sitting in the corner. It was just too cute to unroll every once in a while, so we hung her up ! So, with many more photos to take of other little details this will have to do for now. Stay tuned for updates.

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  1. K - Oh! I. Love. It! You did a fabulous job on her room! The way you decorated using the bedding as the focus is just terrific. And that paint color is so COOL! I really like the old windows in there too. How cute is her poster! Such a fashionista! =)