Friday, July 10, 2009

What a find !

So, I ventured out today to head over to a friends garage sale. Her daughter made the cheer squad for the local High School. I thought I would support if I could. We walked away with a little car for the daycare room. BUT, the fun was only to begin on the way home. See we live on one of the oldest streets in Medford. There is this house down the road that is set back and has the cutest yard. I have always wanted to go take a peek. Well today was my day! YARD SALE ! Yipee. We unloaded again and walked in. Lots of old things, cherished items at one point. Then I found this cute little basket. It was $6.00 but I had to have was screaming "take me home" !
Not so sure what or where this little guy will go, but isnt it just cute ! The gentleman that sold it to me said, "oh that was mine, it is very old" He wasnt sure just how old, but by the looks of him being the sweet old grandpa he was...I am sure he wasnt telling a story just to sell it ! Where oh where will my little basket go?


  1. What a neat basket! And a sweet story to go with it. I see "sea" shells in there and sitting on your kitchen counter or in the bathroom. Starfish! And maybe a cute ribbon tied on. Or...wash cloths rolled up inside. Or...cute hand towels rolled up and on your kitchen counter. Oh my, the possibilities!


  2. oh...great ideas ! I thought of the bath room, only because the counter space is limited in the kitchen.. I love the idea of shells in it, but torn between the rolled towels...hmmm stay tuned to the "new" home for the old basket.. =)