Friday, August 7, 2009

Closer Walk with God

So many times in life, it seems we just skate by. I grew up in the Church. My mom raised my siblings and I the best she knew how. I have always stayed in church...missing here or there. But lately I have been walking a new path, one that I am not sure of where it is going. This leads me to hold onto God even tighter than I have ever ! My prayer life has changed so much that I hunger for my time alone, even finding myself praying every second. At times my worlds seems as if it is falling apart...then I grab a hold and close my eyes and start praying. I haven't been posting things lately because of the trials I am in at the moment. I hope to start back soon but for the mean time, I encourage whoever reads this to jump in, grab a hold and start that precious Closer Walk with GOD. Its amazing and rewarding !


  1. Sweet friend - thank you for this reminder to cling to the Lord when there are struggles. I know He will bring you through this and victory will be His. Keep looking up! Sending prayer from O'side.


  2. love this post !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Your not alone, sista! I too am in the midst of a storm. I've realized that my focus was on the everything and anything but Him. But now God is teaching me rely only on His grace. For the first time I'm truly trusting Him not just saying I am. Finally I know what it means to walk in the spirit. No matter what happens around me; I can be calm because I'm in His hands. This was a great post. Sending prayer from my house to yours.


  4. Praying for you today! I love it. Pray without ceasing, that is what we are called to do :)