Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hangin Out on the Line

Ever wanted or needed to Host a Baby Shower for a friend that you can't or don't want to say NO or I can't to? Well, here are some simple, easy and inexpensive ways to decorate and pull it off to being a hit !
I used the baby gift as the decorations. Cute little onesies hanging on the line ! So tiny...

The name cut out of chip board covered with scrap booking paper, then embellished with fibers and little flowers. We knew who this shower was for !

Can't find the right color plastic table cloths? Go to your local retail store (wal mart is the less expensive) find the Flat Twin sheet... pretty much any color you want. Yep that's right, a flat sheet makes a perfect table cloth and guess how much.... $4.00. Only .05 cents more than a plastic one and you can WASH it and reuse it ! Same with the curtains in the back ground that stay on my back porch to add more shade. Eight bucks for 2 panel's (aka flat twin sheets) cant beat that !

If you have any flowers in your yard they will make the perfect table topper ! Just cut, and add to an old glass bottle or small vase in the cupboard... There you have it...a touch of color !
Also added for color was a baby fleece soft blankie. It added texture plue looked so cozy. White cake plate with brown satin ribbon to hold the yummies chocolate suprise cake with cream cheese frosting. Brown, Pink, and Cream basket holds the napkins and plates. Little green cup found in cupboard makes the perfect holder for reuseable brown plastic forks. The forks were perchased for a previous dinner, washed in the dishwasher then stored for another gathering. It pays to purchase reuseable utensils. Little cream birdie salt and pepper shaker found at Pier 1 for only $3.00 for the set (Thanks Auntie)

A comfy spot for the Guest of Honor ! Touches of Hot Pink Geraniums added to a light pink pale found in my daughters room add sweetness !

Pale Pink sweet and dainty !

The guest who got the swing...Never got up, they were cozy, comfortable and relaxed ! What a perfect day for a Back Porch Baby Shower~


  1. Keri - love all the sweet touches you put into the baby shower decor! I especially think that clothes line is absolutely adorable! I also like the different sized vases you have those pretty flowers in. Great ideas to share.


  2. Hi Keri,
    I came to your blog by way of Marie's. Welcome to blogland! I'll enjoy following your blog and learning from your creativity. Have a great day!