Sunday, June 21, 2009

I found the "blue" color I wanted to paint my kitchen.... then chickened out. I settled for a similar color but in a spray paint, Bahama sea. I thought I would start out by playing it safe with just adding touches of the color that I LOVE then maybe venture out and put it on the walls.
So, this was before I began. Look at that mess. Cluttered counters are a BIG NO NO and doesnt make for a happy Momma !
As I looked around for what I could "re" paint to add color too, I ventured outside to the side yard. I found an old piece of fence board. Yep, I sprayed it...

(Excuse the color of the photo, our camera is on its last leg. I am dreading the day it goes out. I can only hope it will be replaced before hand !)

The finished project. Something random, unique, a one of a kind... I like it. I am not a country girl or frilly... Simple is what I think.
Once I was secure with my spray paint.. I was on a roll. A shelf was made, I re painted the paper towel holder, added little touches of Bahama sea around. I decided to pull out all of my "old" things. But added it to some of my "newer" things. I like the mixture. Give its a character and our house is FULL of that !I got a little carried away with my clock...painted that too. In the process, I broke it so, its always on 5 O'clock..cause its always 5 O'clock somewhere right ! I pulled my old milk bottle out, LOVE it ! Added a little "blue" polka dot tie. Mrs. Buttersworth was excited to see the light ! So many surprises hiding in the cupboards

Another piece of old fence board painted Bahama Sea. Love it ! Its held up with to metal scrolly brackets I have had tucked away in the basement. The old flower sifter and cute ! My sugar jar is a new find. The price to good to pass... $1.60. Cant beat that !

The mason jar that was tucked away has the perfect "blue" tent. The basket isnt quite done. That was spray painted black...looking for the right thing to place in it.

Such a old cheese grater, but looks so proud hanging up tied with 3 ties. It hangs on an ivory coat hook I found in the basement as well !
There she is, hanging around the kitchen reminding us to "SIMPLIFY" Look at the end of the old potato masher...its "blue" Absolutely the greatest find in my cupboard. The little touches of red geranium flowers add cheer in an old measuring cup.

This little pitcher I found in my grandma's house. I am so glad I kept it.
My plate rack is back on the counter. It holds my Grandma's red "your special today" plate. It was the last plate she used with us all as a family before she passed. Its reminds me daily to take each day and make it special !
The once black paper towel holder is now Bahama Sea Blue. It stands out so much on the black counters. I even got a compliment from my 18 year old son. He really liked it.
Oh the color is so bad ! But in person it looks so warm and welcoming. The hen and rooster that belonged to my Great Grandmother have always sat on my kitchen counter no matter what decor was there ! I ran out of "blue" ribbon to run around the plate, but that will soon be done. The message changes frequently in our house, it just depends on whats going on.

This was a shower curtain that I ruined but saved. Now, I am glad I did. I love the look for the kitchen. Although its not quite done. It will soon be in two pieces so I can open it during the morning light. As for now, I am please with the little touches added. There is still something missing though...I think its the Bahama Sea Walls. =)

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  1. Oh my word - there's so much to comment on, where do I start? I love the shade of blue you are using. I think it's a great idea to use it as an accent - the color on your wall is great! Love your "simplify" project. Looks cute on the wall there. Your curtain is fabulous! And I love all the little "lovelies" you've put around that have stories of the special people in your life.

    Blessings my friend,